MTB Insights - Ep 4 "Brendan Fairclough"

MTB Insights - Ep 4 "Brendan Fairclough"

Length / 26mins

Brendan Fairclough travels to the RIDE Portugal facility in the Algarve region for advanced and intense downhill mountain bike training. He is widely recognized as one of the most well-rounded riders on the downhill circuit with a unique style that has captivated and inspired his many fans. Brendan’s good friend Matti Lehikoinen came along on this trip, as he is now back on his bike after suffering serious injuries and overcoming a battle with depression.
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Mountain Bike

Directed by


Production company

XTreme Video


Sam Pilgrim, Steve Peat, Antoine Bizet, Yannick Granieri, Cedric Gracia and many more.

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