We are Skateboarders

We are Skateboarders

Length / 76mins

We Are Skateboarders is a 'as real as it gets' documentation of the soul of skateboarding, and how some of the legendary skateboarders feel its soul has changed over the years. Since the mainstream has come to play a major role in the skateboard industry, there has been much dispute amongst skateboarders if skateboarding is loosing its purity and status as a core activity. The film tackles this issue with enlightening interviews from famous skateboarders such as Lance Mountain, Greg Lutzka, Rob Dyrdek, Peter Smolik, and Christian Hosoi, creating the most legitimate discussion towards the controversy in the skateboarding industry.
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Directed by

Ben Duffy

Production company

Ben Duffy

Cinematography by

Ben Duffy


Kristos Andrews, Steve Caballero, Rob Dyrdek, Mark Gonzales, Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain.

Known for

Historic account regarding the evolution of Skateboarding

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only just found this film, and We Are Skateboarders is definitely a defining film. Little groms please watch and learn
Mo Aug 2014

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