Downhill Motion

Downhill Motion

Length / 22mins

Before there was DOGTOWN AND Z-BOYS, there was DOWNHILL MOTION, recorded by Greg Weaver and Spyder Wills, two skaters who were helping to define the sport in its earliest incarnation even as they were documenting its emergence. Around the time Frank Nasworthy invented the Cadillac Wheel, which allowed skateboarders to finally execute the same tricks on land that surfers were doing in the water, a few intrepid skaters were just developing techniques of pool skating and other revolutionary breakthroughs. A history lesson in what skating looked like at the very beginning, before the hype, the money, and the personalities, DOWNHILL MOTION shows skaters doing it for the love. Traveling to by-now familiar locales such as the Mt. Baldy pipeline and the La Costa housing developments, this footage shows how it all began, with the tricks, cruising, racing, and hanging out that jump-started a subculture that continues to thrive today.
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Production company

Sea Crown Ventures

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