Skate Australia

Skate Australia

Length / 35mins

Skate Australia is a landmark longboard documentary, a unique adventure into the passion and lives of extreme downhill skaters. It started with the simple idea of traveling the country with our Long boards and within weeks we were rolling with extreme downhill skaters from all over the world. Skate Australia documents our road-trip of discovery into this rapidly emerging and varying sport, covering all styles of long boarding: slalom, sliding, dancing and downhill. After skating beaches, mountains and big cities of Australia's East coast our working holiday comes to a climax in Bathurst and the biggest downhill skating event in Australian history, the World Championship in Downhill Skateboarding.
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Directed by

Anthony Fricker, Jonatan Lundmark

Production company

Anthony Fricker, Jonatan Lundmark, Sebastian Lundmark, John P. Fricker

Cinematography by

Anthony Fricker, Gabriel Eliasson


Stephen Daddow, Jackson Shapiera

Known for

Downhill skating

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This sport will grow. Can we get a comp in the city for big crowds to watch. Skate Australia leading the way !!!!!!!!!!
Darcy Aug 2014

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