Stay Gold

Stay Gold

Length / 57mins

Not since the launch of its film 'This Is Skateboarding' in 2003 has Emerica produced another full length feature skate film. This one is set to be pure gold! Stay Gold is a must see skate film! the most anticipated skateboard film of its year and its gonna blow your mind!
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Production company

Come Together Productions and Emerica


Leo Romero, Bryan Herman, Brandon Westgate, Kevin 'Spanky' Long, Jerry Hsu, Justin Figueroa, Jamie Tancowny, Heath Kirchart, Ed Templeton, Collin Provost, Aaron Suski, Marquis Preston, Braydon Szafranski and 'The Boss' Andrew Reynolds!

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Andrew Renyolds is still the king! OMG that flip at the end.
Damian Sep 2016

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