Deathbowl to Downtown

Deathbowl to Downtown

Length / 77mins

Among modern cities, New York stands alone as the quintessential skating town - the place where the revolution in street skating started...With manic intensity, creativity, cultural ferment and its tangled urban landscape, NYC's mean streets in the '80s were ripe for the birth of a new type of modern skating; where stairs, banks, handrails, and benches could be ollied over, into, and down. In Deathbowl to Downtown, New York is a central "character" to the unfolding of what would be celebrated as one of the most creative and innovative periods in the history of the sport - and saw the rise of some of the sport's legends like Mike Vallely, Mark Gomez, Ryank Hickey, Felix Arguelles, Javier Nunez, Andy Kessler and many others. Directed by legendary filmmakers Buddy Nichols and Rick Charnowski , Deathbowl takes viewers beyond the usual tricks to explore the culture, artwork, music, and fashion of that era, traced through skating's evolution from the parks and pools of the 70's, to ramp skating in the 80's, to the street ascendancy of the 1990's.
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Directed by

Rick Charnoski, Coan Nichols

Production company

Six Stair


Chloe Sevigny, Mike Vallely, Mark Gomez, Ryank Hickey, Felix Arguelles, Javier Nunez, Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva

Known for

Skating the streets of New York City

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