Length / 32mins

After the success of 'Up In Snow' notably awarded the Best Visual Effect at the 2008 IF3, Ride the Planets is proud to present 'Can't Stop', starring Sammy Carlson. This year's film, directed by Dom Janiszewski, is the outcome of a solid collaboration between Dom and Sammy, who has been involved in every stage from planning to graphic design. They began shooting just before the X-Games in Aspen and the surrounding areas. The next big stop was in Europe in Montgenèvre where they had excellent conditions. Then to finalize everything, Dom spent over a month in the US travelling all over the place with Sammy and company.This year, Ride the Planets also collaborated with filmers based in the US: Pete Alport, Justin Weigan and Brandon Husak. They filmed the more urban shoots around the US with various riders. Of course, our infamous paragliding shots with Antoine Montant are topped off with impressive speedflying.
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Directed by

Dom Janiszewski

Production company


Cinematography by

Pete Alport, Justin Weigan and Brandon Husak


Liam Downey, Mike Hornbeck, Nick Martini, Mike Henitiuk, Matt Walker, Tanner Hall, Simon Dumont, Tommy Ellingson, Ben Moxham, Liam Downey, Thomas Bichon, Willie Borm, Seamus Flanagan, Antoine Montant.

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