The Kyrgyzstan Project

The Kyrgyzstan Project

Length / 19mins

In 2000, John Dickey went on an expedition to Kyrgyzstan and was kidnapped by violent militants who held him and his partners at gunpoint for six days - until the climbers made a harrowing escape through the mountains of the Kara Su valley. This film chronicles John's return to Kyrgyzstan in 2012 and his quest for resolution. Along with two elite climbers and close friends, Matt Segal and Eric Decaria, John goes on a restorative journey back to the granite big walls of Kyrgyzstan. They each have a personal struggle at stake on their adventure in the wake of losing two of their closest friends to the mountains. Through this film, we learn about the meaning of friendship and the healing power of climbing adventures.
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Directed by

Jim Aikman, Matt Segal

Production company

Jim Aikman, Matt Segal


John Dickey, Matt Segal, Eric Decaria

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