Length / 49mins

2000 and 6 words to describe Rage Films latest release “Corduroy”: deepest, dopest, styliest, craziest, largest and tech-ist. Traveled to: Greenland, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, California, Colorado, Canada, and Oregon. Big mountain highlights: 210ft., 230ft., and 250ft. cliff drops. 12 straight days of sunny Alaska heli skiing. Jibber highlights: 65ft. 8 kink street rail, 2 opposing 100 foot true channel gaps, and park tricks brought into the backcountry. Hands down or should we say two thumbs up, this is the ski film you don’t want to miss.
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Production company

Rage Productions


Wiley Miller, Tommy Ellingson, Tom Wayes, Reggie Crist, Tim Durtschi, Fabio Studer, Zach Crist, Mike Wilson, Seth Warner, Taylor Felton, Sammy Carlson,

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