Tempting Fear

Tempting Fear

Length / 25mins

Tempting Fear: Inside the mind of extreme skier Andreas Fransson. Andreas Fransson has been called the boldest extreme skier in a generation. Over the past 3 years he’s logged first descents in a half-dozen countries, battled back to life from an accident that nearly killed him, and become the most talked about skier in the epicenter of all things extreme – Chamonix, France. What makes Andreas most intriguing, however, are his thoughtful musings on meaning from a life on the edge – a willingness to enter mental spaces that few have ever experienced. In Tempting Fear Sweden’s soft-spoken Adventurer of the Year explores a place in which fear overwhelms all emotions, playing both friend and enemy in a pas de deux where death lies just one misstep away.
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Directed by

Mike Douglas

Production company

Switchback Entertainment


Andreas Fransson, Magnus Kastengren, Bjarne Sahlen, Morgan Shalen, Felix Hentz, Paul Roderick, Xavier de la Rue

Known for

“Best Action Film” – Adventure Film Festival 2012, “Best Story” – X-Dance 2013

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