Length / 22mins

The idea behind this project was to look at our lives and life style, at our passion and what makes up our little world with a critical eye, to evoke a few home truths about the economics behind the cult system and at the real issues as they stand today. Let yourself be guided by the film’s inner voice, accompanied by instrumental music in keeping with the simplicity of images which are a glimpse of skiing as we see it and of the lifestyle we cherish...not to mention a few sensual curves that have nothing to do with mountains !!
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Directed by

Yann Barthelemy

Production company

Gpsy Feelin


Leo Taillefer, Flo Bastien, PA Chedal, Julien Lange, Markus Eder, Tim Baud, Thomas Theberge, Guillaume Sbrava, Pierre Guyot, Arthur Girault, Romain Taillefer, Thibault Pomarat, Yann Barthelemy.

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