Winter is Strange

Winter is Strange

Length / 26mins

From Megeve to Slovenia, passing by the southern Alpes, Winter is Strange is a peculiar story about the adventure of a group of young French riders. It is based on the images and the adventure, not performance. This film shows us the diversity of the sport, which is what Freestyle is all about. The man behind the project and the camera is our young talented skier/director Andy Collet who tells his story, his experience and his love for the sport through an adventurous, uplifting documentary film.
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Directed by

Andy Collet

Production company

PVS Company

Cinematography by

Andy Collet


François Lagersie, Sandy Collet, Ben Buratti, Mathias Wecxsteen, Julien Poirot, Laurent Thevenet, Romain Jaillet, Tim Picq, Raphael Vouillamoz, Theo Leger, Andy Collet

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