Length / 56mins

Saturation from Absinthe Films documents the timely movement away from handrail-heavy snow culture and brings you back to the mountains, back to the powder and back to having fun with your friends. Riders like Rice, deMarchi, Muller and Nyvelt mark the beginning of a revolution in snowboarding based on the merging of freestyle and big mountain riding.
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Directed by

Patrick Armbruster and Justin Hostynek

Production company

Absinthe Films

Cinematography by

Justin Hostynek, Patrick Armbruster


Trevor Andrew, Travis Rice, Yannick Amevet, Victoria Jealouse, Jeremy Jones, Wolle Nyvelt, Romain deMarchi, Nicolas Müller, Axel Pauporté, Steve Gruber, Gigi Rüf, JP Solberg, Fredi Kalbermatten, Brandon Ruff

Known for

Big Air, mountain snowboarding

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