They Came From

They Came From

Length / 44mins

Factor Films' They Came From is the first snowboard movie ever to be shot in RED, HD and 3D! Featuring some of the best riders in the world, with a focus on Scandinavia, the movie will show you riding in unique locations with everything from rail slaughtering in the dark cold nights of Northern Norway to fresh pow in the Austrian Alps and amazing park riding in the states and on the Norwegian glaciers.
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Directed by

Petter Foshaug

Production company

Factor Films

Cinematography by

Petter Foshaug


Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason, Torstein Horgmo, Tore Holvik, Sondre Tiller, Gulli Gudmundsson, Torgeir Berre, Petter Kristiansen, Gjermund Braaten, Roger Kleivdal, Sindre Iversen, Simon Fossheim, Aleksander Oestreng, Stale Sandbech and Kareem El-Rafie.

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If you love big rails, big airs and lots of funky action on cool features then this the flick for you. I do love the old school movie rip offs as the intros though.
Ray Aug 2013

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