Gum the Movie

Gum the Movie

Length / 22mins

It's powder, jumps and rails cut up with bizarre old black and white movie clips. Although the storyline doesn't make much sense, the snowboarding is good enough that it doesn't really matter. There are a bunch of highlights - some epic Euro backcountry jump sessions and a spooky avalanche experience. There is also some creative urban riding and face-deep powder turns that will get you psyched to go snowboarding.
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Directed by

Rip Curl

Production company

Rip Curl International


Victor Delerue, Nils Arvidsson, JF Fortin, Janne Lipsanen, Elias Elhardt, Nate Johnstone, Victor Daviet, Mati Radaelli, Dani Sastre, Nico Fuentes, Wiley Tesseo, Urska Pribosic.

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