Length / 42mins

Aesthetica is a visual journey that captures the essence and elements of snowboarding. This feature snowboard film highlights the riding of progressive and unique freestyle features in the backcountry to the steepest and deepest powder conditions of 2008. Witness the pure power powder throw downs by Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson and Mads Jonsson in the Great White North. Visit with the hardcore underground Canadian locals as they destroy the streets of Montreal. Watch the most shocking avalanche footage of Xavier Delerue taking the ride of his life, along with Tortein Horgmo's mind blowing freestyle segment. Mathieu Crepel, Kazuhiro Kokubo and Mitch Reed deliver their best images to date along with the return of Johan Olofsson no-boarding bottomless powder. This snowboard movie delivers all aspects of modern riding by today's best riders in 16mm film by Standard Films.
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Directed by

Mike Hatchett & Travis Robb

Production company

Standard Films

Cinematography by

Mike Hatchett & Travis Robb


Eric Jackson, Mathieu Crepel, Torstein Horgmo, Mark Landvik, Mitch Reed, Kazuhirl Kokub, Mads Jonsson, Juuso Laivisto, Xavier Delerue & Chas Guldemond.

Known for

the most shocking avalanche footage of Xavier Delerue taking the ride of his life

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always a favourite. Aesthetica is great, but still struggle with the name
davo Aug 2014

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