The Storming

The Storming

Length / 32mins

Standard Films in north shore lake tahoe CA has issued a global snowboarding progression warning. *Warning Active Winter, 2010 till the End of Time. Pro snowboarders have reported the current riding progression on all fronts pushing forward at unimaginable rates. Locations in the warning include but are not limited to Norway, Iceland, Quebec City, Valdez, Haines, Squaw Valley, North Star, Alphine Meadows, lake Tahoe Backcountry and BC Backcountry areas. Precautionary/Preparedness Actions...Run to the Hills, All Mountain Ranges, Avoid cornices and avalanches...Warning....Streets, parks and backcountry....Protect yourself from flying debris.
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Directed by

Travis Robb

Production company

Standard Films

Cinematography by

Travis Robb


Torstein Horgmo, Halldor & Eiki Helgason, Xavier De le rue, Lonnie Kauk, Ryan Tiene, Sammy Luebke, KAZUHIRO KOKUBO, Raewyn Reid, Erin Comstock, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman, and Kimmy Fasani and MANY MORE

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