Length / 64mins

POWDER, CRASHES, AND HILLCLIMBS that is what this season was all about for the crew at Alticity. See sleds become submarines in deep dry powder, watch the boys launch off of big natural backcountry hits, & feast your eyes AND EARS on first ascent hillclimbs that are pulled in a Nitrous fed frenzy. 2-strokes still dominate the big mountain scene but the 4-strokes are coming! Mountains get conquered, suspensions get punished, & pow gets shredded with 4-stroke fury. Coming to the plate with half a decade of filming experience, Alticity 5 delivers water-cross, bottomless powder, huge air, monster climbs, & of course comedy.
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Directed by

Josh Skinner

Production company


Cinematography by

Josh Skinner


Rob Alford, Casey Allred, Jason Boussat, Chris Checketts, Frank Huss, Justin Kallusky, Chad Koon, Geoff Kyle, Dan Lang, Mike Lott, H.I. McDunna, Timmy McGregor, Mike McStay, Jeremy Miller, Tony Reith, Jason Shirley, Wade Soss, Scott Stevens, Alex Theriaul

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