Length / 45mins

Aticity 7 takes you from the frozen tundra of Sweden to the glaciers of British Columbia to capture the true spirit of snowmobiling. A back-country experience with the staples of big mountain free-riding including climbs, powder, big jumps, whips, drops, wrecks, and all around riding. Long time Alticity Team Rider, Tim McGregor comes back to defend his Big Dawg title by executing some of the most insane climbs this sport has ever seen along with a death defying crash over the cliffs. Other highlights include a face smashing cliff drop, deep B.C. powder, sleds riding down a waterfall, and free-riding in Whistler and Alaska. A7 will serenade your senses with ripping sled sounds that compliment a great soundtrack while satching the exploits of mountain riding from camera angles you have never seen.
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Directed by

Josh Skinner

Production company


Cinematography by

Josh Skinner


Rob Alford, Christoph von Alvensleben, Geoff Kyle, The Berntsson Brothers, Dan Lang, Stefan Hansson, Nathan Pelloni, Nate Fisher, Tim McGregor, Mike Lott, Deuce

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