Length / 35mins

With a mixture of big mountain riding and freestyle that’ll make you drool, Bamm!! gives you your video fix in a big way. Brainwash Cinema, based out of Whistler, is a combination of amazing talent that comes together to brainwash you with a high-end 16mm film, shot in B.C., Austria, Germany, Chile, Colorado and California. If you’re looking for hardcore riding in your snowboard video collection – this film definitely delivers.
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Jon Cartwright, Jonas Hagstrom, Matt Peterson, Mike Osachuk, Shandy Campos, Mike WIlson, Tyeson Carmody, Beckna, Mike Turner, Lukas Gollar, Shin Campos, Rube Goldberg. Additional Riders: Jesse Carelli, Adam Drover, Mark Reilly, Jon Miller, Mike Burton, Clayton Shoemaker, Al Clark, Eric Hill

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