Rip Raw Episode 1

Rip Raw Episode 1

Length / 6mins

Rip Raw is an action based mini-series that follows winter athlete Chris Booth in the search for unique mountain experiences around the world. Follow Boothy as he collides with big mountains and even bigger personalities from Mt Cook's Aoraki region to The People's Republic of Macedonia, as Rip Raw takes you on an honest, eyes-open journey behind the images of Rip Curl's 2011 winter marketing campaign.After an unseasonal rain storm threatens to prematurely end the New Zealand winter, a spot snow storm in the high peaks of the Otago's Aoraki region, the home of Mt Cook, blankets the mountains with a fresh layer of hope. Rip Curl athletes Chris Booth and Andy Finch head to the heli pad to take advantage of the fresh snow, but a month of down-days threatens to defeat their confidence, as they soon find themselves above some frightening and unstable terrain.
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Production company

Rip Curl International


Series Cast - Chris Booth, Kieren McLaughlin, Woodie Bouma, Andy Finch, Glenn Plake, Roland Morley Brown, Rus Henshaw, Pierre Guyot and Mitch Allen

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