Length / 31mins

In Russian, kacceta means tape and KACCETA 1 is a snowboard movie from the Russian streets. Real grunge conditions of reality with urban Russian snowboarding from the best Russian boys...Spread the terror! We don't hear much about what's happening in Russian snowboarding in the rest of the world, but by the looks of KACCETA 1 from the WEARE2012 crew, the Russian snowboarding scene is alive and well. Technical riding, original spots and massive features are all solid components of a respected snowboard film. This is good stuff.
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Directed by

Weare2012 Crew

Production company

We are 2012 Productions

Cinematography by

Weare2012 Crew


Artem Smolin, Vanja Gribkov, Ura Rudchik, Maxim Tikhonov, Jastin Blaner, Kirill Krivov, Egor Mamaev, Artem Moskvichev, Maxim Kruglov, and Friends.

Known for

Russian Snowboarding

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