Shred a Vision

Shred a Vision

Length / 62mins

Are you tired of watching boring television? Wish you could change what you see? Well you can now.... A secret new invention for the TV will turn your snowboarding world upside down. Plug in your copy of Shred-A-Vision from WildCard Snowboarding and shred your TV. It makes regular boring shows a snowboarders paradise!
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Directed by

Scott Studach, Jeremy Dubs

Production company

Wildcard Movies


Andy Bergin-Sperry, Forrest Burki, Manuel Diaz, Tim Carlson, Kurt Jenson, Scotty Vine, Andy Stern, Nick Ennen, Shaun McKay, Luke Thorington, Jake Blauvelt, Austin Hironaka, Temple Cummins, Laura Hadar, Joe Bosler, Matt Penny, Scotty Witsil, Forest Bailey, Stefan Krumm, Sebi Geiger, Madison Ellsworth, Colin Spencer, Seth Hill, Patrick McCarthy

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