The Boned Age

The Boned Age

Length / 34mins

It's the swinging 70's, a time when music and partying reign king. Come on a hellacious ride as two radical buds Joe & Hubbs have themselves a night they'll remember for the rest of their lives. Grenade will not forget about all the burlacious snowboarding we've come to know and love as they take us everywhere from the Arctic Circle to backwoods of Vermont. That's right, do yourself a favor, lace up those boots, pop in this bad Oscar and put a little insanity on your couch potato. If you're a jibber you'll want this film. If you get down in the Backcountry you'll want this film. If you get your rocks off in the park or pipe you will want this film. The Boned Age will cover all the terrain in this soon to be cult classic and have the most epic footage your eyes can handle without spontaneously combusting from an overload of sheer gnarlitude! This movie may change your life forever or at least for the 35 minutes you spend watching it.
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Production company

Grenade Entertainment


Danny Kass, Scotty Lago, Gabe Taylor, Kyle Clancy, Benji Ritchie, Lucas Magoon and the rest of the Grenade Crew.

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