Cool Story

Cool Story

Length / 67mins

Cool Story features some of snowboardings best North American talent who have been traveling and filming for their video parts all year long. Cool Story not only features all the seasons most progressive snowboarding tricks but amplifies these tricks significance through the stories of the snowboarders themselves. The mundane day to day and the amazing adventure are given equal levity in an attempt at stripping the professional Snowboard world of pretense and showing it as we see it; as another fun year spent with friends adventuring around and trying our best on our snowboards. We strive to create the feeling that our world is at once accessible and utterly amazing. Cool Story is an exciting opportunity for Think Thank to further our creative exploits while exploring story making through Snowboard video.
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Production company

Think Thank


Jesse Burtner, Sean Genovese, Tim Eddy, Austin Hironaka, Chris Larson, Gus Engle, Nick Visconti, Chris Beresford, Mark Thompson, Pat Milbery, Ben Bogart, Blair Habenicht, Sam Hulbert, Matt Edgers, Andre Spinelli and Scott Stevens.

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