Snowboard Diaries - Ep 1

Snowboard Diaries - Ep 1

Length / 24mins

Snowboard Diaries follows the trials and tribulations of some of today's most accomplished snowboarders over the course of a winter season. Each episode focuses on a single pro rider as they face personal challenges - physical, mental and emotional - and battle the odds. To new TTR world champ Kevin Pearce, this entails facing the immense pressure of modern-day competitive snowboarding. For others, like maverick pro Hampus Mosseson, it means pulling out all of the stops to produce their own independent snowboard movie. For each rider there is a unique story with a different set of circumstances, but all five share the same desire: To overcome their adversities and maintain their rankings as the world's best.
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Directed by

Greg Martin, Sandy Stevenson

Production company

Friday Productions


Jake Blauvelt, Austin Smith, Kevin Pearce, Mads Jonsson, Heikki Sorsa, and Scotty Lago.

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