Another Way

Another Way

Length / 60mins

Another Way is the most ambitious movie ever made about snowkiting. The idea of the documentary is to follow this “other way” and to show to the general public that there is another way to approach the mountain. In winter the general public sees the mountain through the ski slopes. We, by definition, search for untouched spots off the beaten track. Our kites allow us to move rapidly over a large part of the mountains, going down or up. With good wind conditions, we can climb slopes of more than 40 degrees, and once at the top we can go back down either ski with the kite if we want to be fast before climbing again, ski back down with the kites in our backpacks for more freedom of movement, or just by flying!
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Directed by

Fred Contat and Romain Luppi

Produced by

Fred Contat

Production company

Créateurs de Films

Cinematography by

Fred Contat and Romain Luppi


Paul Turberg, Alex Robin, Goody Gaudard, Andreas Toverud, Jason Molinelli, Max, Emiel Rense, Remi Meum, Laurent Guyot, Romain Luppi, Bjorn Kaupang, Marilou Lavallée, Laurent Sublet, Romain Barachko, Cédric Joubert, Pascal Joubert, Zach Marek, Anton Uzhegov, Fred Contat

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