Swift, Silent, Deep

Swift, Silent, Deep

Length / 83mins

Swift.Silent.Deep the first true historical documentation of hardcore ski bum culture in North America. Swift.Silent.Deep is the story of a secretive, underground crew who call themselves the Jackson Hole Air Force, and the salad days of Benny Wilson, Howard Henderson, and their band of civil disobedients in the unknown realm of Out-of Bounds. The influence of the Jackson Hole Air Force has reached far beyond Jackson; JHAF members won the first three World Extreme Skiing Championships and are directly responsible for pioneering the big mountain skiing in the world.
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Directed by

Jon Klaczkiewicz

Produced by

Jon Klaczkiewicz, Troy Beauchamp, Craig Atkins, John Paul Beeghly, Rick Armstrong.

Production company

SSD Productions


Benny Wilson, Howard Hendersen, Doug Coombs, Warren Miller, Scot Schmidt.

Known for

The Jackson Hole Airforce

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