Length / 21mins

Gpsy Feelin tries to enter the next level and play with the big guys. With solid Backcountry sessions, filmed in their home spot Val d’Isère and the Espace Killy, and a creative urban session in Sarajevo, the crew proves once again that their creativity and style have no limit. The Gpsy isn’t only creative on skis and behind the camera but also by their Artistic inspiration on design and the original soundtrack especially created and mixed by DJ Simsima, giving a smooth flow to the movie.
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Directed by

Yann Barthelemy & Jeremy Feburier

Produced by

Yann Barthelemy & Jeremy Feburier

Production company

GPSY Feelin

Cinematography by

Yann Barthelemy & Jeremy Feburier


Laurent De Martin, Jule Bonnaire, Pierre Antoine Chedal, Flo Bastien, Leo Taillefer, Julien Lange.

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