East to West - The Movie

East to West - The Movie

Length / 22mins

East to West is one of those movies that emerged out of relative obscurity with impressive conviction. Its cast is an unconventional hodgepodge of upstarts, including riders from Canada, the US, and Switzerland. This composition, seldom encountered, seems to be an apt recipe for producing an ass-kicking triumph. Whatever people may say about inexperience and youth, East to West harbors ample proof that the capabilities of the up-and-coming are every bit as engaging as those of the tried-and-true veteran. One thing we’re confident about is this is not the last you will be seeing of East and West‘s roster.
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Directed by

Tim Bouvette

Produced by

Tim Bouvette

Production company

East To West Films


Simon Martel, Drayden Gardner, Tim Bouvette, Jed Sky, Francis-Olivier Jutras, Christopher Houle, Julien Emch, Philipe Dubois, and David Gauthier.

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