6 Months

6 Months

Length / 52mins

Ewan Donnachie takes us on the ultimate wave scoring quest to get the best waves humanly possible in 6 months, shot in Australia, Fiji, indo & Tahiti. From Triumphs to Tragedies this has it all. A must for any bodyboarder who loves the thrill of the chase.
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Directed by

Ewan Donnachie & Lucas Vazquez

Production company

Ewan Donnachie & Lucas Vazquez

Cinematography by

Andrew Kaineder, Lucas Vazquez


Ewan Donnachie, Damien Martin, Jase Finlay,

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great variety of excellent waves all over the world, bit of a storyline, great filming and well edited. I don't bodyboard but really enjoyed this seemingly high end production. Well done
Nathan Jul 2013

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