First Love

First Love

Length / 69mins

First Love is a feature length surf movie that takes an in depth look into the lives of three passionate young girls from Phillip Island en route to making a career out of surfing.The film documents the everyday lives of Nikki van Dijk, India Payne and Jess Laing, the trials and tribulations of training, competitions and injury. The camera follows them to Hawaii for their first crack at the heavy North Shore waves, where we gain and insight into the world and lifestyle of Hawaiian female surfers.
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Directed by

Claire Gorman

Production company

Cos We Can

Cinematography by

Claire Gorman


Nikki van Dijk, India Payne, Jess Laing, Steph Gilmore, Alana Blanchard, Coco Ho, Georgia Fish, Cahill Bell-Warren.

Known for

Phillip Island

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Great story, even my wife (no surfer) sat watch and enjoyed this one and I love the indy crew!
Ray Aug 2013

best film is years
Sheryl Sep 2014

Fell head over heel for this movie!!! Thanks girls!!!
Mark Jun 2015

What a beautiful documentary and movie about three amazing, lovely girls. Made me wish I was 17 again, and inspired me to get my daughter out there. Best of luck all three of you!
Jade Dec 2016

I love that it's all about surfing and the challenges that come with it. And girls are still girls and it's nice seeing them having fun in and out of the water. Kudos to the whole team!
Romi Feb 2017

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