One Touch

One Touch

Length / 104mins

A remarkable documentary featuring Wes Berg, Champion Ironman and trainer to pro surfers, on his journey to Molokai. The paddle race to end all paddle races, takes Wes and his compatriates including the novice Dean Brady on the challenge of a lifetime. "It's funny how one touch with the ocean can change your entire life".
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Paddle Board

Directed by

Jade Suttcliffe, John Mossop

Production company

Molokai Project

Cinematography by

Joel Scott, Dwayne Fetch


Wes Berg, Dean Brady, Joel Parkinson, Dusty Payne, Luke Egan, Occy, Jack Freestone, Ryan Hipwood, Matt Poole, Zeb Walsh, Brad Gaul

Known for

Wes Berg, Molokai

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I saw one touch in cinema. long but really good. how great is wes berg!
Kelly Mar 2013

When is this movie going to be available to watch? Reply from Garage : "End April or Beginning of May!"
Neil Apr 2013

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