Mick, Myself, and Eugene

Mick, Myself, and Eugene

Length / 44mins

When Rip Curl's most elite surfer suffered a career threatening injury mid-way through 2004, the entire Rip Curl world felt the pain with him. Out of action and stuck at home doing rehab, Mick Fanning was a fish out of water. The time away from the hectic competitive season ended up a blessing in disguise though, as Fanning refocused and took to training with reckless abandon. The result? He rejoined the World Tour in 2005, won two events and finished second at the Pipe Masters and secured third place overall on the World Rankings. Film-maker Jon Frank has been right by Fanning's side since that injury mishap in 2004 and together with Mick and Rip Curl has documented the time since in the film
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Directed by

Jon Frank

Production company

Rip Curl International


Mick Fanning, Nathan Hedge, Darren O'rafferty

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For those who have never seen this it's definitely worth it, I loved going back and watching the story and the come back of Mick and seeing a young Owen was classic.
William Aug 2013

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