Stylemasters 2

Stylemasters 2

Length / 36mins

We head back on the North Shore for another season...Its the winter of 1980/81. Aussies, Hawaiians, international all stars, and the new wave of Californians are taking it to the next level. This marks the final season before the tri-fin became the pro board design of choice. Greg Weaver and Spyder Wills are on the scene, this time with a Super 8 sound rig to document the surfing world's proving grounds. See and hear what it was like to be there, with classic man-on-the-beach interviews and beautiful scenic and surf cinematography.
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Production company

Sea Crown Ventures


Dane Kealoha, Bobby Owens, Buttons, Cheyne Horan, PT, Ian Cairns, Shaun Thomson, Mark Richards, and many more.

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