Length / 67mins

Every so often, a movie, a book, a song or piece of writing comes along that touches you profoundly, in ways you couldn't begin to expect. Believe, is one of those movies. This production is a deeply personal journey into not so much surfing, but rather the love of surfing and many of its offshoots and parallel interests. The older, grainier clips work incredibly well juxtaposed with the modern footage, to give the entire production a strong sense of history, and in a way, pride in the heritage that's being passed down through the generations.
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Directed by

Mick Waters

Production company



Rasta, Dick Van Staalen, The Fitzgeralds, Steve Cooney, Damon Harvey, Asher Pacey, Timmy Turner, Travis Potter, Brett Schwartz, Albert Falzon, Chris Brock, Marcus Aboody, Beau Young, Nat Young, Sketch Holiday, Neal Purchase Junior, Andrew Kidman, Dave Kel

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