Length / 46mins

Musica Surfica looks at the art of surfing in new ways, reminding us of the rewards of risk in learning new things. Surfer Richard Tognetti, of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, with his friend, surfing provocateur Derek Hynd, asked a diverse group of surfers, including former world champion Tom Carroll and master shaper Tom Wegener, to join them on remote King Island at the edge of the Southern Ocean, to surf without fins.
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Production company

Simon Whitney & Richard Keddle


Derek Hynd, Tom Carroll, Belinda Baggs, Dane Beevor, Jed Done, Dale Egan, Shane Egan, Heath Joske, Sage Joske, Eiji Kazari, Dane Peterson, Warren Pfeiffer, Carl Potter, Mike Richmond, Julian Thompson, Richard Tognetti, Satu Vanska, Tom Wegener

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