Length / 28mins

Titanzinho is a small favela located in Fortaleza, north Brazil. It's one of these places left out of this huge country, far from the economy dream of the whole nation.Over there, you find the forgotten people of Brazil, the ones that no one wants to see. They are in the periphery, out of sight. They live in precariusness and poverty, suffering from drugs, prostitution, and extreme violence. Kids in the favela are often left having to face all dangers on their own. However, hope lies here, very close. The Ocean and it's waves allow most of the kids to get out of poverty wih surfing. An excellent way out of the everyday life, and for some of them the dream of becomming one day professional surfer, like Pablo Paulino, Tita Tavares, Lucinho Lima, or Andre Silva, himself from the favela and co-director of the documentary. The passion and joy of life despite everything A lesson for us all!
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Directed by

Andre Silva

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Pablo Paulino, Tita Tavares, Lucinho Lima, and Andre Silva

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