Length / 42mins

A surfboard and a bar of wax are still the formula for fun. Join Seven Films crew of award-winning cameras on tour from the beaches of California to Hawaii's high-charged lineups and Australia's wild West Coast : South Africa's J-Bay serves up epic pointbreak surf and ten-foot beachbreak barrels unload on Mexican sandbars ; Jamie O'Brien's North Shore act is nothing short of amazing; and Tavarua holds it all down with a dose of Fijian dream surf at Cloudbreak. Summer is a year-round season, so grab your board and explore our big, wet WAXED PLANET !
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Bruce Irons, Joel Parkinson, Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Jamie Obrien, Cory Lopez, Mick Fanning, Brian Conley, Danny Fuller, Mark Healy, Jon Rose, Reef McIntosh, Hagan Kelley, Adam "Biff" Desposido, Dean Morrison, Kalani Robb, Damon Harvey, Chris Ward, Damien Hobgood, Mark Occhilupo, Luke Egan, Taj Burrow, Gavin Beschen, Ian Walsh, Koby Abberton, Kawika Stillwell, Dustin Quizon, Flynn Novak, Tom Curren, Tom Carroll, Shane Dorian, Nathan Hedge, Sunny Garcia, Kieren Perrow, Tamayo Perry, Jordy Tappis, Mikala Jones, Mike Todd, Jesse Faen, Sean Holmes, Troy Brooks, Lee Winkler, Mick Campbell, Ricky Basnett, David Weare, Dustin Barca, Laka Burgess, Stephen Koehne, CJ Hobgood, Danny Wills

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