Tip to Tip - Episode 3

Tip to Tip - Episode 3

Length / 9mins

n your average Mentawais boat trip these days, you're at sea for 10 nights and you cover about 300 miles. In those 300 miles, you're likely to check around 13 spots. So are about 16 other surfers at the exact same time. And more often than you would think, one or two of those other surfers are the same guys you see out at your local beachbreak on Saturday mornings. That's the reality in modern Mentawais. Unless, of course, you blow life off and check out for six months on a boat. Then you'll see there's still hope floating out there.When the doctors got done cutting out the 3/4 of staph-infected skull in Timmy's head in December, 2005, they said he would be a vegetable. They were very, very wrong. Fast-forward to now and Timmy is directing Tin Boat over to the left he discovered almost 10 years ago. The memories flood back as if they were yesterday's. Bruno, Brady and Dillon watch the left cautiously as it grinds like lightning over a few inches of reef. Timmy grabs his board and turns to the boys: 'We're out there! ' he shouts, then jumps overboard. He's not wearing his helmet. He shouldn't even be here. Everyone's drunk. Been drinking beers since noon, when the storm came and blew everything to shit. There's nothing else to do. Like Chapter 2, Chapter 3 has been a battle with the elements, therefore a battle with an excess of downtime. But these boys are veterans of this sort of dance with Indo; they know how and when to let loose. Tonight is mortals night: just a few dozen beers, some poker, and some laughs. Tomorrow is for gladiators. Swell's on the rise.
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Production company

Rip Curl International


Series cast : Tom Curren, Dean Brady, Richard "Ricardo" Christie, Steph Gilmore, Alana Blanchard, Bethany Hamilton, Tyler Wright, Dillon Perillo, Koa, Davey, Bruno Santos, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar and Gabriel.

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