Tip to Tip - Episode 8

Tip to Tip - Episode 8

Length / 10mins

It's been 18 years since Tom Curren and Frankie Oberholzer shared a boat in Indo together. Back then Google didn't exist and G-Land was a far-flung jungle expedition. Today, Google provides us with 305,000 results under the search phrase 'Indonesia surf camps ' and G-Land looks like the Super Bank on a Saturday. Today, trailing at Tom's heels are his sons Patrick and Frank. In so many ways, this trip is very different from the 1994 trip. But, when you get down to it and out in the water, nothing has changed at all...Talk about big shoes to fill. Being the sons of Tom Curren, Frank and Patrick have not only grown up in the water, they've grown up in the spotlight. And they're shining. At 13 years old, Patrick is already damaging the amateur ranks in the US. And big brother Frank, at 15 years old, is already a top gun at his local break Rincon. But true to their bloodline, the Curren boys get most excited for the adventures away from the scene. And this trip with dad is only the beginning.This last trip has really caused some problems. When it was time for us to sit back and check out all the great photos and footage, there was nothing. A cryptic phone call came in from the sat phone saying no one was going anywhere; swell's on the way. Change the plane tickets. Well, we weren't going to argue with that. From the beginning, we promised this trip would have no real end date. So we let them go off and Search for as long as they wanted. Good thing they did. Even better, they convinced us to keep going
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Production company

Rip Curl International


Series cast : Tom Curren, Dean Brady, Richard "Ricardo" Christie, Steph Gilmore, Alana Blanchard, Bethany Hamilton, Tyler Wright, Dillon Perillo, Koa, Davey, Bruno Santos, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar and Gabriel.

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