Zero to 100 - The Lakey Peterson Story

Zero to 100 - The Lakey Peterson Story

Length / 56mins

Filmmaker Aaron Lieber takes us around the world in this inspiring journey that charts the rise of one the most progressive women in surfing today. 2012 US Open winner, Lakey Peterson, provides an intimate window into her life, sharing the struggles and triumphs she has faced along the way. Breathtaking cinematography and a killer soundtrack, make Zero to 100 unmissable. A true tale that will have you laughing, crying and doing push ups by the end.
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Directed by

Aaron Lieber

Production company



Lakey Peterson, Bethany Hamilton, and Stephanie Gilmore

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This really is Zero to 100, normally we watch these amazing stories of kids urfing before they could walk, this story is a never surfed before and started at 16... what a rise! Great watch
J Man Sep 2013

Awesome film. Can't wait to see Lakey succeed in the future
Luke Jan 2014

Sexy Sexy Sexy. Lakey peterson is as hot as Alana Blanchard. Plus i liked the film Zero to 100 of course.
Tom Aug 2014

Cool Film, Banging hottie, super cool and shredding, yiewww
Mark Sep 2014

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