Secret Sound Underground

Secret Sound Underground

Length / 42mins

Film makes the memory, digital exploits a moment. These are film maker Jack Colemans words about his latest surf journey, Secret Sound Underground. The 41 minute movie is a psychedelic freeform take on modern-day surfing in this, his third, independently self produced feature length surf film. Through the ambient sights and sounds that Mr. Coleman allowed us a peek at, you can see how the making of this film was no small feat. Jacks not sipping Pina Coladas poolside after long days filming perfect Padang in Bali he's rolling super 8 and 16mm in the darkest crevices of society, never leaving even the most insignificant thought of cultural aspect out.
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Directed by

Jack Coleman

Production company

Jack Coleman

Cinematography by

Jack Coleman


Creed McTaggart, Ozzie Wright, Andrew Doheny, Alex Knost, Ford Archbold, Ellis Ericson, Jason Salisbury, Conner Coffin, Beau Foster, Jared Mell, Alex Gray, Timmy Reyes, Chris Ward, Mason Ho, Mitch Coleborn and Rob Rachado.

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