The Endless Winter

The Endless Winter

Length / 93mins

In just half a century the British surf scene has evolved from a cult to a thriving industry that boasts world class waves, champion surfers and a 300,000 strong surfing community. Mark Egor Harris and Mitch Corbett will travel the length of the country discovering how this iconic surf scene was born, as well as stopping and surfing at significant breaks along the way. On their journey they'll meet key characters from the history of British surfing as well as current crews that epitomise each region's unique surfing culture.
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Directed by

Matt Crocker, James Dean

Production company

The Endless Winter LLP

Cinematography by

Mr B, Alex Richardson


Mitch Corbett, Mark Egor Harris

Known for

History of British Surfing

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Such a terrific story, and important history of UK surfing. Well done, and what a great title the Endless Winter. love it.
Damien Sep 2014

Excellent movie and certainly worth a look (watch with caution, a heater and a warm blanket) there's some brave UK chargers, talented surfers and absolute frothers out there.
David Jun 2016

Brilliant. If you want a British surfing history lesson this is it. Nowt as good as scoring your home and this movie proves that.
Tez Jan 2017

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