Now Now

Now Now

Length / 15mins

Jordy Smith's latest project 'NOW NOW ' is unadulterated surf porn; less about the editors artistic impression of what the youth want to see and all about what one of the most relevant surfers in the world is doing between dawn and dusk.Jordy Smith stormed onto the World Tour with no apologies and no prisoners. Since first pulling on a 'Smith' jersey, he's cried after home victories (J-Bay), accomplished personal goals (winning outside South Africa, in Rio), clocked 10s (everywhere) and shown us all how endearing the transition from cocky benchwarmer to graceful batsman can really be.Watching all 6'3" of him hospitalise a beachbreak end section or man-handle a Cloudbreak freight train with equal panache will steal your breath. But Jordy doesn't just dance for the judges, 2013's been a year in which he has shocked with freesurf clips. And it was only a matter of time 'til we would be gifted a digital extended play Welcome to Now Now, a collage of moments tagged and bagged during the first six months of this year. Filmed in Mozambique, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia, one simple mantra has kept Jordy's batteries charged and allowed us the pleasure of Now Now: "I just want to go surf. That's what I want to do."
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Directed by

Jordy Smith & Jacob Wooden

Production company

Jarrad Howse

Cinematography by

Jacob Wooden, Nick Green, James Lugo, Aldino Tayeb, Jason Hern


Jordy Smith

Known for

Jordy Smith

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Wow, I like Jordy's surfing, it's real good but this short little clip was probably his best yet, drawing sweet lines and some cool back flips were unreal. Ben
Andy Oct 2013

great waves, great surfing!
Andy Nov 2013

how amazin is the slo mo used in filming Now Now. I wish i could get shots like that.
Dylan Aug 2014

Jordy is ruling in this epic little movie
Nathan Oct 2014

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