Barnacles and Stripes

Barnacles and Stripes

Length / 32mins

Get on board with some of WA's best surfers in Barnacles and Stripes. This classic surf experience sees Western Australia's best surfers tackle the state's most exciting waves. Get up close and personal with the pumping surf that defines WA as one of the world's most famous surf destinations. It offers non-surfers a sneak peek in to the surf culture and is guaranteed to get surfers of all ages pumped for their next session.
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Directed by

Carsten Reimers

Production company

Carsten Reimers

Cinematography by

Carsten Reimers


Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning, Brett Hardy, Lockie Caldwell, Shaun Green (of Drift fame), Jerome Forrest, Matt Baldock, Jacob Willcox and many more talented surfers.

Known for

Western Australia

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