That First Glide

That First Glide

Length / 74mins

That First Glide, filmed and directed by Mike Waltze, takes us on an informative and thrilling ride into the world of SUP, or Stand Up Paddle. This documentary covers the little known origins of the sport and follows it's evolution all the way up to today's massive wave of global interest that is making SUP the fastest growing water sport in the world. Some of the original old timers in early Waikiki, as well as today's greatest water men, share their stories of how this sport changed their lives and how it has progressed into a sport that anyone can enjoy at any level. The film includes breath taking footage from Hawaii, Fiji, and Tahiti
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Stand Up Paddle

Directed by

Mike Waltze

Production company

Waltze Films


Laird John Hamilton, Brian L. Keaulana, Kai Lenny, Gerry Lopez, Julia Manuso, Robby Naish

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