Length / 47mins

You are covered with frost and it's snowing. A few minus degrees are multiplied by the freezing onshore wind blowing at 30 miles per second. A man changes into a 6mm wetsuit in the heavy storm, grabs a surfboard and heads towards the roaring waves. The temperature of the seawater is close to zero. It's freezing outside. What the hell? FINNSURF is the world's first Finnish surf film. It's a freezing, and at the same time warm documentary of surfing in Finland, and in some other places as well. A film about true love and a passion larger than life. This documentary tells a story of five Finnish surfers. Everyone has their own point of view on surfing, Finland and surfing in Finland.
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Directed by

Aleki Raij

Production company

Pablo Films and Flatlight Films


Jukka, Lage, Rumon, Aija, Kalle

Known for

Multi award winning film including, Best Documentary Hamburg Film Festival

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Needs subtitles or you need to speak finnish
Mr Jun 2014

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