New Hawaii

New Hawaii

Length / 27mins

New Hawaii is the story of Fabrice Beaux who spent 10 years in Hawaii and became one of the top pro windsurfers in the World. Fabrice's dream has always been to find the perfect place for watersports until one day he stumbled across a place known as Kingfisher, part of the Northern Philippines coastline. The story shows how Fabrice used his knowledge and experience to teach watersports to the local people and underprivileged children, with the aim to change their lives and welcome them into the watersports community. Discover what Fabrice and many others regard as one of the most exciting and unspoiled surf spots in the world, while enjoying the spectacle of watching some of the best watermen as they experience their first session on the water at Kingfisher.
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Directed by


Production company

Planet Blow


Fabrice Beaux, Red Stevens, Kevin Pritchard, Boujmaa Guilloul, Francisco Goya, Vincent Lartizen, Michel Larronde, Susi Mai, Alberto Rondina, Pete Cabrinha, Kai Katchadourian

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