Sultans of Speed

Sultans of Speed

Length / 52mins

From 1970 to the present, the Hot Buttered Travelling Roadshow has brought you some of the finest surf displays on the face of the planet. Now, turn on your machine and stand back as the Sultans of Speed give it all they've got and the true Hot Buttered story unfolds for the first time. Watch as big TF tackles big perfect J-Bay. Shiver as Derek Hynd tells of his bastard desire while pulling off yet another incredible 360 degree turn. Gasp as Simon Law, Matt Cattle, and the astounding Vetea Poto David lacerate some of the best North Coast surf you'll ever see. Scream as Captain Kegg and the Frothies offer up their deathless rendition of You're Such A Spunk, while Johnny Shortis mauls Sumbawan barrels. Don't miss it.
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Directed by

Hot Buttered

Production company

Hot Buttered


Vetea David, Matt Cattle, John Shortis, Simon Law, Paul Burnett, Terry Fitzgerald, Derek Hynd

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